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Why you need to start your small business:

Small is always big!!!

As a human nature and dreamer we think about the big company, big offices and industry and many more things.  We all want to do important things in life. We all want to work on important product and task, we want to start important business and accomplish tasks that could change the world and have an enormous impact in people life.

But in reality this all things are achieved by step by step and doing small things. Success is not achieved overnight it requires lots of hard work, perseverance, learning, experience and many more element.

Take example of Apple , Microsft , Amazone, Google, Reliance, Wipro and so on. All these companies are started as small firm and over the period of time there were grown. For them it took years of innovation, expertise & grind. Then finally they reached this spot.

So here can find “why you need to start your small business at initial stage”

Small Doesn’t Mean Poor:

Small doesn’t mean poor or you die poor. Small product, services and company doesn’t mean that it will stay small forever. It means you are making less, but you have chance to make it big million Dollar Company.

Small company means low expenses, low cost and it has good chance of keep all the your hard earn profit in your own pocket.

Change strategy at any point of time :

Small business or startup can change strategy, products & price at any moment of time. That’s the beauty of small business. Small business can change their strategy at any moment of time and do it quickly as compare to big company.

Small investment:

Small company and business required small amount of investment and form this small amount of investment you can earn money. As compare to big business it required less investment so risk factor is low.

Manny a time idea is good but market condition is not good at that time you have put big bucks in that idea and business at that time it may prove wrong decision for you. So investing small or starting small is good idea to business.

Less risk:

Small business has fewer amounts of risk and high degree of earning. It gives indication to you for the further expansion in idea or stopping the business. Through small beginning you can predict future of business and market.

Product testing:

Small startup is always provides you product testing and experiment time. You can test your product in this time and it provides you guidelines for business development. Outcome of this experiment provide you future changes in design and product. This can be suitable for market.



Small business can expand their business more than the big business. Small business expand them self with 100-500% and even more than that. But in big company expansion rates are small.

Earn more profit in revenue:

If you think that just large company that make big profits, then you would be wrong. There are countless stories of entrepreneurs hitting on a great idea

In small business profit portion is more in revenue as compare to big company this is because of small company do not have much expenses. They have not invested tone of money in inventory, offices, goods and employees.

If you run small business well, the rewards can be huge; you will get most of the profits yourself.

Do some experiments:

As a small firm you can do some experiment as you needed. You can change your plan at any moment and do some experiment for getting good result.

You have freedom to do some experiments as compare to big firm. A big firm has to think of the customers, market, government regulations and many more.

Less government regulation:

Starting small business helps you in following less government regulation. As your business is small it has some less government regulation. It will help you in more flexibility and less government interference. In some cases you do not have to follow any government registration formalities. Like small trading, Home based business, freelancing services etc.

Manage team:

Small business has small team, which is easy to manage. It will be easy to manage synergy of team as compare to big team in giant firm. Less formality is there in team and it’s easy to take decision and managing employee.

It helps in quick decision making for business, less conflicts and high productivity in small business.

Required less resource:

Small business required fewer resources. Many a time these resources are freely available. This will help small business to invest money in money making work.


  1. Since we have started a new business, we could better understand the briefing given in your article…It’s essential for the people who have urge to do something.. yes, in Small business , we can change our strategy,product, marketing approach any moment without hassle.. Good to read , will be definitely helping..

  2. Small businesses are the back bone for our country since we are 2nd in population next to China.
    We can not ignore micro enterprises, if done it is betrayal of our people. It is the nerves of our country.
    Countless small businesses are hidden in rural areas of our country. We have to tap the potential and bring it out and make our country strong.
    Thank you.