Things to consider before buying an office space

Things to Consider before Buying an Office Space

Choosing for great office space can either make or break your business and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Whether your business is small or big, choosing the right office space can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things that you have to consider, from the amount of space you need to the amenities you require for your day-to-day needs.

Choosing the wrong workplace can lead you to lose both clients and even employees.

To make the process easier of buying ideal office space in Bangalore, we’ve gathered you a few points that you should consider:

Consider the business type

The very first when looking for an ideal workplace is to consider the type or nature of the business. The space you are looking for should be able to accommodate all of your employees and operations. Make sure that have dedicated space for meeting areas with your clients.

Improper planning can lead to a messy workplace which can prove to be both unproductive and unprofessional at worst.

The workplace you choose your team to work in should enable you to encourage the culture of your business. The kind of work environment you create can have a significant impact on the productivity of your employees.

Choose a space that inspires your staff to work harder and longer. Also, don’t compromise on the reputation of your business that you have the intention to build on.


You might as well want to consider that are there any business operating nearby. You may think on how are they going to affect your business? Also in most cases, choosing an office space next to your competitors isn’t a wise decision.

Before you decide on a workplace, learn more about the competition and the customers you have in the location.

Position your business in proximity to your partners and also competitors, without creating any additional competition.

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The appearance of the workplace will drastically affect the perceptions of your business. The aesthetics within and outside your office are essential considerations.

The ambience matters most to both your employees and visitors. While you are planning for the design of your office, it is entirely necessary for you to consider functionality as well as the appeal of the space.

It is important that you don’t want to keep your team in an untidy, not-so-safe or old-fashioned premises. The morality of the staff will affect if you choose to operate in any of these places.


The main factor to consider while you are thinking to buy an office space is the facilities space has to offer. It is essential that you focus on the needs of your business.

The kind of facilities you look must include shared meeting spaces, cafes, WiFi and some comfy public space.

Check whether the building has enough parking space for you and your team to park their vehicles.

Legal Requirements

It is essential for you to seek advice before signing the agreement. Look for the clauses that are mentioned in the contract that allow you to vacate from the space early.

Changes that are minimal don’t necessarily require any legal permissions, but for significant alterations, you may need permits, so check before you try anything.

Read through the docs carefully

After going through the new space entirely and finding it to be the best fit for your business, we suggest you not rush to sign the documents. The landlord will try to push you in signing the agreement if the location is in a prime location of the city.

Do not ever try to sign the documents before reading the clauses mentioned in it. There are times when the landlord will hide charges and binding terms in the fine print.

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In closing we’d like to stay that you must avoid overstretching of your workplace; upgrade to a bigger space once you have seen growth in your business.

Since you know that finding the right office space takes time. If you rush, you will eventually incur high costs than usual.

Take your time in evaluating all of the options mentioned above, and read through the documents before making any decisions. Making choices in a hurry can impact the capability to attract and retain your staff.

Keep the brand image and company culture at the top your list while searching for new office space.


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