Everyone wants to earn money or extra residual income. In this Morden life one source of earning is not enough. Job gives you regular income but up to limited extend.

For earning more you need more skills and experience or you have to start a business. Leaving a job and Starting a business is not everyone’s cup of tea. People need some extra sources of income with job. For them here are few sources from it working class people can earn extra income.

So her you will see “How one can earn extra income without quitting their job”.

Buy and sell domain business:

This things required knowledge and experience in domain buying and selling.

You have to continuously open your eyes on new paper and media for buying it.

New and trending topic will help you to find high paying domain name.

You can sell it on Flippa or sedo.

Publish E-book on Amazon:

Amazon is great place to sell your products. They are also selling E-books. Here you can try your luck on selling E-book.

This might be a good option if you have good knowledge on particular topic and comfortable in writing and transform it in E-Book.

Online store on E-commerce store:

Starting online store on E-commerce platform is now an easy task, which required some licence and product listing. After getting it, you can start your own E-commerce store.

It will bring other source of income to you.

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Launch your courses on Udemy:

You are good in something then you can start your courses on udemy.

Udemy pay you upon the course people purchases.

Be Motivation Speaker and earn money by inspiring other:

Speaking is an art and if you have skills to motivate someone from your speech then try it. It’s become business for you. Many motivation speaker earn huge income from this Tony Robbins,Shiv khera, Robert Kiyosaki and many other in this list.

For that you need to read books as well required critical thinking ability. It required huge research in understanding psychology of human mind.

Once you master in it then you can start it.

At initial stage you can visit schools, colleges and various institutes and deliver your services.

Weekend event organising:

Utilise your weekend by organising events and party. This event can be on anything. It can be on for some networking, business talk or party.

This required space and connection with people. Collaboration with Collages and institute may bring more people in your events.

Elon musk also had tried this in his graduation time.

In some short of investment you can earn some money.

Yoga and fitness trainer:

Now a day’s people are become more fitness and health conscious. They spend some bucks from their earning on fitness and body.

You can start it with personal yoga or fitness trainer or coach in fitness centre.

Yoga or fitness trainer required knowledge in their field.

Start Blogging journey:

If you have skills and knowledge in particular field and want to express it through internet, then you can start you own blog.

Blogger is free toll for blogging where people are sharing their knowledge through blog. It’s easy to setup. Even you can also start your own blog site on WordPress platform.

Blogging can be on lifestyle, sports, tech, art, food etc.

In blogging you can earn form paid courses, affiliate marketing, sponsorships and Google Adsense.

Once traffic start coming to you website you can easily earn around 5000-20000 per month and even more.

Start your Youtube channel:

Youtube is 2nd search engine tool use after Google. From Youtube you can make your video and put it to the audience.

People will watch video on Youtube for gaining knowledge as well for fun.

Various people are sharing their thoughts and information on science, management, business, technology, food and artistic work.

Many chef, artist and speakers are using it.

Anyone can use this platform if he has well knowledge in any field. Once you build your audience then you can earn it from advertisement, sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Earn money from social media:

Social media is booming now. People are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snapchat frequently in day. They are addicted of it.

You can also build your business on this platform.

Choose 2-3 main platforms for it and make content for it.

This content can be on anything but it should increase knowledge or entertaining people.

You can start it in comedy, cooking, art, tech or anything.

From this source you can attract sponsors and affiliate marketers and earn money from it.

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Freelancing website:

If you are programmer, content writer, graphic designer then these tools are useful to you.

You can get order from online and deliver it in time limit and earn money from it.

Website like — Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer

can be usefulto you.

Start restaurant or other small business:

Person can start this business after 9 to 5 job.

This business can be restaurant and food shop, cloth shop, consultancy, jewellery shop and many small business.

You can start it depend upon market in your local surrounding.

Start T- Design business:

With some knowledge in designing you can start T-shirt business. In week end you can design T- shirt and sell it on Amazon or Flipkart.

Growth of this business mainly depends on material and design.

Through this person can easily earn 5000+ income easily.

Reselling products:

Anyone can do it. Find a second hand good product. Make some changes and maintain it then sell it in your locality or on web portal.

Generally this can be applied on Car, bike and electronics products.

By doing this you can earn 30-50% from investment.

Trading business:

You can start trading of various products in local market. Trading can be of industrial product, house hold products, cleaning product and the list is endless. Chose according to your market need and start it.

For getting details of supplier you can use IndiaMart. On that you can find various suppliers and manufacturer from your nearby location.

In trading you don’t need any licence Simple trading licence is enough. This can be easy available from local government offices.

Once your business set then it will be easy for you to earn 5000-10000 extra income per month.

Tuition class as side business:

It is one of the best side income source in India. Many working class people start their own tuition class. They run it after their day job. Either you can start it at your home or join in other class.

In this profession you can easily earn 5000-10000 per month even more.

Agent in Insurance Company:

Agent membership in insurance company is easy.

You can become member in government and non government company.

LIC, The New India Assurance Co. Ltd.,United India Insurance  etc are government Insurance Company.

While ICICI Lombard, bajaj Allianz, maxbupa etc are the private insurance company.

Once you start making member under yours money will come in your account.

You can start same thing in Mutual fund and other financial services as well and start your own portfolio management firm.

Become Real estate broker:

In real estate broking service person can easily earn money (1-10% of deal) from real estate. Sometime this property agent earns percentage from both buyer and seller.

This real estate broking can be apply on land, shop, home plot are etc.

Real estate broker is some time hard tasks as there are legal issue are involved in deal.

But once you dive in it and set 5-10 deal then it will be easy.

 Be an investor in Share market:

Almost 80% of people don’t have knowledge on share market .They are just playing blindly or follow instruction of their broker.

Share market is an art. For that you need to have knowledge of investment, market and companies.   You can gain its knowledge from web, Youtube, seminars and books. Once you have knowledge of share market then it will be easy for you to earn money.

Why people fail in share market because of greed and want to earn to fast. While investing in share market you have to think like investors not like an agent. That’s the way you can earn money from it.

With proper planning and investment you can earn extra bucks from it.


So above are the some points there are lots of other ways of earning part time income. If something is missing it in then let us know in comment section.

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