Lucknow's first online cars and bikes service provider RYCABZ

“Ideas come in every mind, but success comes to those who put them into action.”

This is the story of Lucknow’s first online cars and bikes service provider RYCABZ. Two years back, Rycabz was just an idea in the mind of Ravi Chauhan, who along with his friends Ankur Pratap, Viresh Singh and Sunil Yadav has made this idea a reality today.

Lucknow's first online cars and bikes service provider RYCABZ

Life is not easy for those who try to realise their ideas. These people were still in their college days when they first regarded the idea of Rycabz. Coming from moderate-class families, they were refused the idea of dropping the college. And therefore they decided to suspend the Rycabz until the completion of their college days.

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After graduating from the college, Ravi Chauhan got placed in a Delhi based company. Because of lack of financial backing, he was unable to start over the plans, therefore he decided to go through routine work of his job.

After almost six months, he realised that he can never help his society in a more fruitful manner by doing his 9 to 6 robotic job. Moreover, his hectic schedule did not fit to his health. Therefore he decided to try his luck once to secure his vanishing goal. He discussed his idea with his friends Viresh Singh, Ankur Pratap and Sunil Yadav.

Viresh Singh at that time, was successfully placed in a Jharkhand based company. Ankur had already cleared preexamination of IBPS and was preparing for the advanced. Sunil Yadav was still studying in his college.

Following the idea,”If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will to settle for the ordinary.”, they gave their plan a shot.

It was not a cakewalk for these people at the beginning. They faced indefinite hurdles. Major one was the lack of finances. Ravi Chauhan told that it was not a duck-soup for them to gather mechanics who could cooperate with them. Finally after a period of 2 months they were able to collect as many as 53 mechanics, enough for them to start their business.

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The next biggest hurdle was to deploy trust in the vehicle owners. Every third and fourth person rejected their idea. The next fifth would not even listen to them. Out of the two persons who patiented to listen to them, only one turned towards Rycabz for assessment. This raised the problems faced by the Rycabzians. The work of offering trust to the vehicle owners was becoming more and more difficult by going from man to man.

To avoid these hurdles Ravi Chauhan and his teammates worked out a plan of citywide campaign. This campaign included distribution of pamphlets at colleges and offices, establishing stalls at rush areas. They started providing various free services and offers to the customers. They also used social media as a tool for attracting a wide number of consumers.

For this campaign, the Rycabzians distributed work among themselves. Ravi Chauhan took the help of Sandeep Kumar Yadav who is very good in technical and software areas. Sandeep Kumar Yadav handles all the technical work of Rycabz and he has efficiently shown his talents by creating the official website of Rycabz and pages at various social networking sites viz Facebook, Twitter, etc.


Ankur Pratap involved himself in the operatives. Dealing with the mechanics as well as with the customers is a very handy job. This part of the work had to be done with care and proficiency and Ankur Pratap has done it very skillfully.

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You can visit various posts of Rycabz on any of the networking sites. These sites are managed by Sunil Yadav. He efficiently engages the consumers with Rycabz on these social media.

Viresh Singh took the job of managing persons under work. He identifies the form of work and disintegrates accordingly.

Ravi Chauhan himself handled the job of seeking overall proficiency of the team Rycabz. He fills out the gaps intended by to works of other team members.

This distribution of work helped Rycabz to grow and work in schematic way and as said by Oscar Wilde, “What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise.”, luck favoured this gang. The hard work of Rycabzians has borne fruits of success and they successfully established Rycabz as one and only online vehicle service provider all over the Lucknow.

Lucknow's first online cars and bikes service provider RYCABZ

Rycabz is today a doorstep assistant to the vehicle owners who otherwise founded it difficult because of either their hectic schedule or their inability to walk into the stores. Rycabz also provides the roadside assistance to those who experience traumatized situation of vehicle failure or vehicle breakdown while traveling. Besides, Rycabz also provides employment to over fifty three mechanics in the Lucknow region.

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Rycabz has also achieved a milestone in its short journey. It has collaborated with Uber-Lucknow. This collaboration has not only helped Rycabz to cover a very large number of vehicles and vehicles owners but also has helped Uber-Lucknow in reducing their stress of timely servicing and repairing of the cabs. It is really a success for the Rycabzians.

Success truly doesn’t come to those who dream of it but who put their ideas into action.


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