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Motivation is key ingredient in any kind of work. Without motivation and confidence nothing works. Big question is to how to motivate yourself to reach your goal in the day to day life? Motivation is differ from person to person and situation to situation.

Here is the answer of how to motivate yourself to reach your goal:

Take a prompt action:

How to Motivate yourself

Instead of dreaming and thinking just take prompt action. This will boost your confidence and reduce your fear. Without an action idea is worthless.

First step might be taught but it will enhance your ability to face the fear. This will reduce your fear and motivate you for work.

Taking a first step is equal to winning the half match. So take first step and stay motivated.

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Stay away from critics:

We are living in a society where everyone is philosopher and giving their advice to everyone. Sometime good advice help the person, but excess of them leads towards depression.

They are the one who do not believe in your dream. For them your idea and dream are worthless. That will not happen in their universe. You are the creator of your own universe and destiny.

Person has to be careful while follow critics. Let them shout and do your work. Take them in positive way that’s the best strategy to work against them.

Meet people who are above your level:

For getting motivation you have to meet people above your level. A small interaction with them will boost your confidence in your work.

Success lead clue so follow them. Even if you follow their behavior and work style that is some time enough for motivation. This might be good answer for those who follow mentor and think how to motivate yourself(themselves) in day to day life.

Read books & success stories:

How to Motivate yourself

Reading books and success stories of successful people is always helpful to get motivation. Books are true friend of man. They are always there to help you.

It required some efforts from your side to read them. Perfect book not only motivate you but also lead you towards success.

Meditation and Physical exercise:

Meditation will bring calmness and positive energy in your life. It not only heals disease but also it brings mental peace in life. It ultimately leads satisfaction and brings positive thoughts in life.

Many leaders like Barack Obama, Narendra Modi start their day with meditation and physical exercise. It’s part of their daily routine.This is one of the key factor for them to get success.

Take break from work:

Due to hectic schedule your mind blocked. It need some time for relaxation. Due to stress and work atmosphere your body need some rest. Break from routine work always helpful to get further motivation in work.

Take small nap or break from work and back to work is the perfect answer to how to motivate yourself.

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Explore the nature and new place:

How to Motivate yourself

Nature has power to overcome your fear, thought and negativity. Exploring natural place and new places bring tremendous positive vibes, motivation and new energy in you.

Through this change and exploration you can learn new things, culture and make new friends. This will give you better idea to think in others perspective.

Watch some biography of successful people:

Watching biography and movie of successful people is good source of motivation.

It will take 2-3 hours to watch a movie. In this period you will see their hustle, perseverance for success and many more things.  Through this you will get instant motivation.

Talk with children or old people:

Talking will children or old people gives you new idea and perspective in life.

They are always doing what they want to do. Their thoughts and thinking some time make problem easier then you have ever thought. It brings happiness, joy, smile and positive energy in life.

Listening motivational songs:

Motivational songs have their own positive vibes. It can be any kind. When you are disappointed or broken at that time songs will help you. It gives you power to face odd situation and bring yourself with you.

Songs have two powers one is lyrics and other is music. Both play vital role in motivation.

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Stop thinking about past and make efforts in present:

Dwelling in past will bring you down and reduce your motivation.

For every new beginning you have to forgot a past and work in present. Every situation in life demand different you.

The more you are in present, more you will be comfortable in achieving the things.Working and thinking in present will boost your confidence and helps you to motivate yourself.

What happened if Elon Musk had not tried 3rd time for SpaceX after two consecutive failures? Is there any SpaceX now? So just think of it. Be in present and face the problem.

Set a goal for life:

How to Motivate yourself

Goal setting is one of the good answer to “How to Motivate yourself ?”.

When you are focus towards goal everything becomes secondary. This will always motivate to do more and help you to excel in your work.

Every day you wake up with goal, working on it, put your 100% to achieve your goal and at the end of day you are satisfied.

This will motivate you to more and get more.

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Keep learning new things: 

Constant learning not only increases your knowledge but also help you to motivate.

It will bring new perspective to do things differently. Many  entrepreneur and billionaire try to learn new thing every day.

Bill gates read 50 books a year to learn new things; Elon Musk had read various books to learn rocket science.

Spend time with friends and family:

After spending time with family and friends you feel relax. This will give you break from hectic schedule. Love and warmth of friends and family members boost your confidence level.

When you are sad and feel demotivated at that time just talk with your friends and family members. It will heal all negativity within you.

Try these small things to motivate yourself. Instead of asking how to motivate yourself just apply it bring changes in your life.

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