An idea can change the life. But big question is “How to generate an idea”? Many people are thinking of trying new things or doing unique business but they are stuck in how to generate good idea for their startup or business. They are always working on finding new ideas.

So here you can find some insights “how to spark an idea.”

Follow your interest:

Many people have taken up their hobby as business and now they are successful in their in domain.

Interest in field lead you towards new idea creation in business. When you are passionate for something you are not consider it as work. You are always give your best and fully involved in it. Thus you put extra efforts in this and generate new idea.

Tap in friends and Family:

Ask your friends and family members for helping in idea generation. Many businessmen had learned business from their father or family members.

Look at Ambani family, Tata family. Mukesh Ambani took help of his father Dhirubhai Ambani in many project same as Dhirubhai Ambani did it with Mukesh Ambani. Thus experience person in family helps you in problem solving and boosting idea.

Attend various seminar and events and network with people:

Seminars and talks are helpful to get knowledge in particular field in small amount of time.

Here you will get unique idea, knowledge from industry expert so it will enhance your knowledge and helps you to generate an idea. Even you will get chance to meet people of same interest. Trough networking and sharing thoughts you will get more new idea on your future projects, clarity and get more insights in it.

Share and discuss idea with people:

Sharing ideas and thought with people always give you different perspective. It gives different perspective of other side. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or discuss with people. This will helps you to get deep knowledge of topic and resulted in unique idea creation.

Use various platforms like events, seminar and social media for discussion. But don’t spend too much time on that, as because it leads to the depression.

Explore different places and environments:

Exploring different place and environment make your mind cool and refresh. When you visit new place and you can feel and experience new atmosphere, nature, surrounding and many more things.

You are adjusting in that environment and learning it’s culture, tradition and lifestyle. Through this sudden change your mind gets some positive vibes of nature. It changes your thinking to see the things. This will lead you to generate new idea.

Read books:

When you read a book you are read experience and thoughts of the person. The more you read more you know about the world. This sets of experience and thought work as tool for idea creation in your mind.

It realize person about reality and various are area which he was not aware before. Book gives insight to the man to think beyond limit and work as out of the box thinking.

Search on Internet:

Internet is the great platform for the searching information. It is an ocean of information.

The more information you have more idea you can generate .By doing in-depth research on topic we you can generate unique idea.

Through various sources like YouTube, Quara, Wikipedia and many more sources you will get idea of various products and services.

Quara is great place where various question and answers are there. You can search it according to your need and generate an idea.

Research work:

Do some research in field you want to start a business! Success always leads clues so find that clue and follow it. You will get idea that what people are doing and at the end you got some unique idea, which your competitors don’t have.

Visit Patent office:

In patent office you will find many patents on various innovations. By go through this patents you will get some idea for your business. It required time but it will helpful for business as there is innovation attached to this.

 Visit industrial estate:

Industrial estate is a place where you can find various businesses at same place. By visiting place you will get idea of machine, tools, technology and many other things required in business.

You get idea of how small businesses are helpful to big industry and mutually correlate to each other. Even you get many small business ideas from that.

Here you will get various rough ideas for business.


Survey could help you to what people think and what are their needs. It gives you wide options. In survey questionnaire should be well designed and simple to understand.

You can use Google forms as well Facebook poll for getting good result.

Speak to Strangers:

Speaking to stranger can bring new and refreshing idea for the business. Stranger don’t know you he may give you the perfect solution or advice which sometime your dear one don’t tell you due to many reason.

Stranger has different experience, thoughts and ideas as compare to yours. Stranger might have different perspective for the thing. He see the things differently which you might not see. So talking to stranger may bring new refreshing idea.

Write down day dreams and idea:

Write down your dream and idea brings clarity and it reminds you the new opportunity in the market. It works subconsciously in your mind.

Many a time we forgot sparking idea and mind shifted its focus to some other work. So it is wise to write down your idea which is the key for generating more idea.

Embrace alone time and let your mind wonder:

Spending time with yourself and introspection always bring new and agile idea. When you are alone with yourself your mind work well. You have to be relaxed and put each thing aside which distract your mindset.

It gives an idea for which you are interested and deeply care for it. When you are looking for solution at that time these things also helps you.

Listen to music:

Music is giving you peace in your mind. It relaxes your mind from worry. During this time positive energy and vibes spread in your body.

These processes bring eureka moment and many time new ideas generated by listing music.

Go for a walk:

Going for walk always help you to judge and feel your surroundings. You know more about what happening around you. What are the people problem and their needs? You are thinking about their solution and problem which helps you to generate new idea.


So now you know that how to generate ideas, so don’t miss it.

Start working on it!!