15 Year Old Boy Who Built World’s First Social Sharing Search Engine

A 15 year old boy from small village of India has built world’s first social sharing search engine.It seems impressive as compare to his age.His competitor company’s operating years are more than his age.

This is the story of Abhik Shah 15 years old boy and his dream venture Origgon.

He was born in small village Chalsa, West Bengal of India. Now, living in Mumbai.

15 Year Old Boy Who Built World’s First Social Sharing Search Engine

Abhik was average boy in his schools days but his deep passion in web development help him to built website and application during his early age. He had built 30 website and various applications before Origgon.

He started his web development journey in 2012. In his early days he had built various website along with his study.

Students among his age are preparing for studies and he was putting efforts in website and application. He utilise his spare time in school and travelling in thinking about how he can go ahead and implement it in night after returning from school.

He had faced various problems during this journey. He was hardly getting time for doing for web development, beside his tuition and school which was from 7.30 am till 3.30 pm and then tuition from 4.15 pm to 7 pm. At the end of the day he was tired of and left with homework’s and all other stuffs.

He also faced internet problem in his village. He had to manage things on less internet bandwidth apart from that no one was there to teach him.

Despite these all challenges and odds he never stops it. “WHEN THERE IS WILL THERE IS WAY” he learnt coding from books, internet and online courses.

He found various bugs and coding problem during his initial learning days but he never give up on that and built application and website.

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How Origgon started:

The journey of world’s first social sharing search engine – “Origgon” was started in 2016.

One day Abhik was searching on viral content on search engine and he ended up with no search result.

He found that most of the searches were influenced by the key words or spam. Many website raked high on search list and sometime it has not any relevant content in it. Even viral content on social media not appeared on search results.

This was kickstart moment for him and idea of Origgon emerges. His thought was simple to connect social search along with the web search.

15 year old boy who built world’s first social sharing search engine

He decide name ‘Origgon’ which is comes from OR–I–GO–ON (It also means a new Origin/Beginning). Which become world’s first social sharing search engine.

The idea was too simple to socialize the web. Origgon would be a bridge between internet and social network.

But it was just an idea and for executing it in real life he required team, efforts and fund to make it happen.

Origgon was founded in April 29 , 2016 the first idea phase, later the development release went live on October 28 , 2016 and finally he register the company in may 7 ,2017  after shifting to Mumbai as Origgon got a angel investor to support the project.

Officially he and his team launched Origgon as an initial public beta on August 14, 2017.

They have about 500 searches a day from all over the world now. Till date Origgon has done about 50,000 searches.

Abhik shah and his team mange all this things from their office at Vikhroli, Mumbai.

15 Year Old Boy Who Built World’s First Social Sharing Search Engine

He hired 2 employees as our core team member Taher Chittalwala as web developer and Harshit Jain as partner alliance manager.

Abhik is big fan of bill gates and also believing in charity and serving society.

Origgon is also supporting society through their noble cause. They are providing 10 Kg of wheat flour to NGO for every 5000 search. This feeds the needy.

Abhik and his team are on the way to creating big and improving this world’s first social sharing search engine. This big things required big team, resources and huge fund.

Now Abhik and his team are looking for angel investors who can invest 7 million USD for the further expansion. They are also looking for passionate employee.

Interested people can contact Harshit Jain for the investment & employment opportunity in Origgon.


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What we can learn from Abhik shah and Origgon journey:

With less resources and proper team work anything can be possible and Passion with the prompt action leads ultimate success.

We wish all the very best to Abhik shah and his team to achieve more and make India proud.


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