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We have heard about never give up in many motivational speeches and its importance. Never give up is an attitude. It’s lifestyle.  Life is like roller coasters ride it has ups and down in it. Every situation has own importance. Every situation teaches us many things. Without darkness there is no importance of light.

So here you can find 10 reasons why you should never give up.

1) If not you then who:

never give up

If not now, then when? If not you, then who?, this is the best quote which defines why you have to never give up.

Think about purpose and why you have started your journey and start again with fresh and positive energy. Getting failure in work is better than being regretting for whole life.

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2) You haven’t tried everything yet:

Yes!!!  You have not tried everything yet. There are always other ways available to doing things differently.

Many a time due to depression or lack of knowledge you forgot to implement it. So put aside your fear, anxiety and depression and tried you best.

At this moment you need to take help of mentor, teacher or consultant for improvement and it will lead to ultimate success.

Sometime you need to think differently act differently in work and restart it for which you are passionate. This can be done with hard work and smart work by applying this Success is yours in it.

3) You never know how close you are:

You never know how close you are towards success. Sometime people are so close to their success but they never know about it and quite it. Success is just on set closer to you, but due to circumstance you surrender yourself to destiny and you lost everything. At the end you feel regretted about your decision.

What happen when Elon Musk stopped working on SpaceX after getting 2 failures, what happed when Jan Koum of WhatsApp quite his dream after rejected in Facebook interview. Is there any WhatsApp available right now? Answer is big “NO”.

These are the some of the story of great success after their failure. Before quitting the work you have to give one more chance to yourself. This chance and trust will lead towards great result.

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4) If you quite once it becomes habit: 

Quitting once become habit and it continue in other work. Every single work required hard work and dedication. Without it you cannot achieve it. Before it become habit in each work start working on it and build never give up attitude.

Once you apply never give up attitude in work, practice it then it will become habit and you will master it.

5) If you don’t finish someone else will:

never give up

Opportunities are always there if you are not doing it then someone else will come and does it like you.

At that time you are in corner and watch him as spectator, he run the show and you feel regret about yourself.

Opportunity knocks once so snatch it and become the example for other.

6) As long as you are alive, anything is still possible:

Future is uncertain, life is like a game till the end no one is winner or loser in it. Anything would be happen in life. You have to be optimistic, put trust in your guts and run the show until you get success.

Eureka moment come in your life at any time and boost yourself like king. So never lose hope, be confident and trust yourself as long as you are taking breath anything can be possible in this world.

7) Right before success there is a dark place:

After drake and scary night there is always bright day.

Each morning this is the schedule for all and it will be the same in personal life, business and job. It’s universal truth.

You just have to stay positive, stable and pass this bad time and at the end world is yours.

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8) If you give up than what:

If you give up and stop doing it then what you will do? Think about amount of time, work, energy and money you have spent on it. What would be your next step think of it. The answer would be no or uncertain. So you have to continue your work and do it again right now.

9) Past failure does not predict the future:

never give up

If the past failure predicts the future then there is not a single leading company in world would be successful. Take failure as learning and improve your strategy and work on it will lead you to achieve ultimate goal.

Take example of Steve jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos everyone faces failure in their life, but they took it as challenge and overcome their mistake and build their empire.

10) It’s better to die trying than giving up:

It’s better to die trying than giving up because giving up set your mindset as a mediocre and leads you in big down fall. This will become habit and it leads you toward ultimate failure.

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Above are the few reasons why you have to never give up. Never give up is an attitude and it build over the period of time through various experience in life. The key of this is positive attitude and focus towards your goals.

If you find other reason on why to never give up then write it in comment section.

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